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Grain Policies for 2023


Moisture                                       Shrink of 1.5% per point over 15%

                                                         Drying of $0.05 per point of 15%

Test Weight                                 -$0.02 per pound between 53.9#-52.1#

                                                         -$0.03 per pound between 52#-51.1#

                                                         -$0.04 per pound 51# and below

Damage                                         -$0.03 per point from 5.1% to 7.5%

                                                         -$0.04 per point from 7.6% to 10%

FM                                                   -$0.03 per percent from 3.1% to 4%

                                                         -$0.06 per percent from 4.1% to 5%

                                                         -$0.09 per percent from 5.1% to 6%

Price Later                                 $0.06 monthly, pro-rated daily. NO MINIMUM

Grain Bank                                 First 30 days, FREE

                                                      $0.055 monthly, pro-rated daily. NO MINIMUM

                                                      Will be shrunk down to 14%

                                                       Unprossed grain taken out will be assessed a $0.15 per bushel

                                                      penalty plus storage chage

Custom Drying                                $0.20 per bushel handling fee

                                                       Grain not removed same day will be charged a $0.002 per day

                                                       $0.06 per month

Warehouse                                  Corn will be shrunk to 14%

                                                    .07 storage per month 


Shrink/Moisture                       1.5% per 0.5% from 13.1% to 15%

Cash Price/BU                            3.0% per 0.5% from 15.1% to 17%

                                                        Loads over 15% will be rejected

Test Weight                                -$0.05 per pound from 54# to 53#

                                                        -$0.01 per pound from 52.9# to 52#

FM                                                 Over 1% will be deducted from gross bushels 

Price Later                                 $0.06 monthly, pro-rated daily. NO MINIMUM

Musty                                           $0.05 per bushel

Sour                                               $0.10 per bushel


Warehouse                                 Beans will be shrunk to 13%


Moisture                                    $0.025 over 13%

                                                      Reject at 15%

Test Weight                              -$0.02 per pound 34# to 32.1#

                                                      -$0.04 per pound 32# to 30.1#

                                                      -$0.06 per pound 30# and under

Grain Bank                                 First 30 Days FREE

                                                      -$0.04 monthly, pro-rated daily

                                                      NO MINIMUM

Settlement Policy: All grain delivered will be placed on open storage unless contracted or sold. Every Thursday all grain on open storage that was received the previous week (Sunday- Saturday) will be placed on price later contracts. Priced Later contracts will expire on August 31st. Please allow 24 hours for a check to be written.


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